Citation read to Ian Jolliffe at the presentation of the IMSC Achievement Award at 9IMSC in Cape Town, 2004

This award is made to Ian Jolliffe in recognition of his contributions to statistical climatology over his career, and particularly in recognition of his research and outstanding pedagogical contributions in the area of empirical orthogonal function analysis. Dr. Jolliffe has set a strong example of pursuing goals that are consistent with the aims of IMSC; his work has served to promote good statistical practice in the atmospheric and climate sciences and to maintain and enhance the communication between the atmospheric and statistical science communities. Dr. Jolliffe has published extensively in both the statistical and atmospheric science literatures. He has made extensive contributions in the areas of EOF analysis and forecasting and verification throughout his career. He has also contributed to numerous other areas, including cluster analysis, multivariate analysis, analysis of the lengths of runs, detection of the start of the wet season, identification of "influential" observations (potential outliers), the analysis of precipitation data, time series analysis and the analysis of sudden infant death syndrome.