International Meetings on Statistical Climatology

The International Meetings on Statistical Climatology (IMSC) are organized by the IMSC Steering Committee . This Committee is a free standing group of individuals who are interested in the promotion of good statistical practice in the atmospheric and climate sciences and in maintaining and enhancing the lines of communication between the atmospheric and statistical science communities.

The Steering Committee achieves these goals primarily through the series of the IMSCs which are held once every three years. The meetings, which are operated on a not-for-profit basis, are financed through registration fees and by grants and contributions from scientific funding agencies, research institutions, and national meteorological agencies.

Since 1992 the IMSC Steering Committee has also promoted the recognition of this interdisciplinary science by making one or more Achievement Awards at the IMSC meetings. A monetary prize ($1000US) has been included with the Award since 1998.

The IMSC Steering Committee would very much appreciate your comments and suggestions on the IMSC Award, on locations, formats and themes for future meetings, and on any other relevant area of concern or interest. Please send your comments to Xuebin.Zhang (at)